The death of the cookie and why the future of identity is a good thing

March 2021

The death of the cookie, and why the future of identity is a Good Thing

Six things you need to know:

1. After years of stability and the basis of audience insight and targeting, third party cookies are becoming obsolete. Following steps from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and others, over 90% of global browsers are expected to reject third party cookies by default by 2022.

2. It’s important to note in the case of both Apple iOS and Google Chrome, the technology of advertising IDs and third party cookies are not disappearing altogether. Each is simply changing from a model of tracking by default, to one of transparency – getting the user’s permission first.

3. The industry is re-architecting itself around new standards for data ethics and at m/SIX we see this as an opportunity to reconfirm our belief that transparency and privacy should underpin any consumer data usage.

4. We welcome these changes as we have long recommended a first-party-first approach to data, building resilience alongside our clients’ marketing, CRM, IT and data stakeholders.

5. For marketers prioritising higher quality owned data – collected voluntarily and transparently – means a better foundation for all marketing, to both current and future customer.

6. Our strategic toolkit for planning, activation and measurement has been cookieless by design for some time, but there is a ‘mosaic’ of solutions that we have been testing. Data clean rooms provide secure data matching between media outlets and advertisers, without transmitting any personal data and identity graphs take the idea of independent clean room providers a step further by effectively joining up userbases across publishers and brands.

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