Partners in Innovation: People and Machines

March 2021

At m/SIX we understand that innovation is in response to these tidal shifts in consumer behaviours that we’ve seen in recent years (across all industries from finance to automotive) . These shifts have only accelerated given Covid-19 and we know that business transformation has renewed impetus, seeing maturity of three-years growth in the last six months.

We know that simply implementing the newest technology and automation tools won’t be enough. Success will depend on whether businesses have the right talent and capability to use them for automating and innovating their processes, operations and products. Ultimately, cause and effect of automation is built on human capital and input.

Technology transformation should drive positive outcomes, with human capital and oversight: whether it’s automating processes, harnessing data or shaping entirely new ways of targeting consumers (especially in the new world of ID and people resolution). As we become ever more connected, interacting anytime, anywhere and on any device – seamlessly, our connections with brands are changing – trust is also changing.
The new landscape means that for brands to succeed, it is no longer about finding customers for products, but rather, finding products for customers.

The next-generation automation model is defined by a continual effort to improve the end-to-end customer journey, business process and transformation by applying advanced technologies (leveraged by our client’s core technology) and sophisticated operational methods in an integrated manner – managed by humans.We call this the 5 core steps to achieve automation.

See diagram below:

Designing a customer-centred team that operates leveraging the best of both worlds; agility and capability

We value the ability to augment human and automation capabilities to a high degree that will ultimately amplify the value of expertise of our clients; this in-turn frees up employees to focus on higher value tasks and strategic direction.