It's a whole generation since Sir Tim Berners-Lee changed everything. A quarter century of exploring and adapting to the world wide web. Navigation of the resulting fragmented media world is a skill that people at first managed, then mastered – setting new expectations in the process. Today, people make their own way through this complexity effortlessly & confidently, using the devices they find convenient, the apps and social platforms they trust.

They flow.

As marketers, we can't stem this flow – the era of interruption is over. And we can't control the flow, because the power to decide what information they access has shifted fully to consumers. This is the reality that's leading every brand to say it has to be more customer-centric. Yet too much modern marketing still behaves like it holds all the cards, sticking to structures and calendars led by products not people.

It's hard for traditional agencies to adapt. They were not built in this age, and the structures and processes that helped them succeed in a slower, pre-digital world are a serious hindrance as they strive to keep up with customer expectations set by brands born in the digital era. It no longer makes any sense to think in terms of 'journeys', implying predictable paths from A to B. Nor does it make sense to think in terms of 'laydowns', with their inflexibility and resistance to change.

As an agency born in the digital era, m/SIX innately understands audience flow and how to respond to it:

1.We establish fluid media teams, not restricted by channel or silo.

2.These teams engage with data, for the simple human insight behind audiences' flow.

3.They build intelligent media systems, addressing individual flow at scale.

4.These systems learn & optimise as audience flow grows and evolves.




m/SIX is a partner in The&Partnership, an independent agency holding company where the majority owners are the founders and partners of the individual businesses, sharing one bottom line. A cross-discipline communications group built for today’s complex industry landscape, The&Partnership comprises of 15 agencies spanning four continents, with 1,500 staff.

Bringing together specialisms including creative and design, media planning and buying, content and digital engagement, PR and influencer marketing, live events and experiential, data analytics and CRM, The&Partnership also leads new-model agency offerings for clients including News UK, The Wall Street Journal, TalkTalk, TELUS and Toyota. Digital and multi-channel expertise sits at the core of all its businesses.

The&Partnership is backed by WPP, the world’s largest communications agency network, which is both a partner and a significant minority shareholder.