2021: A Year of Opportunity

March 2021

As we look ahead to 2021, there is a chance to reset and consider the new opportunities that lie ahead for marketing communications and the goals we can set to make this a reality – even with the hangover of Covid-19 still very much top of mind.

1. Be the brand that helps to meet (changing) consumer needs

“New year, new me” has never felt more relevant, and at the start of a new year, there is a clear opportunity for brands to respond to signals of intent around these new consumer need states.

The Holiday Season Report from Statista’s Global Consumer Survey shows, out of all US participants who said they were making one or several New Year’s Resolutions, 44% wanted to exercise more, while 42% planned to eat healthier in 2021. More popular resolutions for the upcoming year also circled around improving personal health, with weight loss and quitting smoking being popular answers. After almost a year of social distancing, often from close family members and loved ones, 34% said that they wanted to spend more time with family and friends.

What can your brand do to support these needs, and how can you nurture new leads and interest throughout the year to maximise customer lifetime value and drive future growth?

2. Hyperlocal targeting can unlock real-time opportunity

The City Mapper Mobility Index shows us the impact of Covid restrictions are having on mobility, media consumption and shopping behaviours on a regional level.

The consumer opportunity for growth may differ greatly across one country, so our comms planning must be adaptable to reflect this.

For example, optimising your website/ App for local usage and developing local content that speaks directly to your audience.

3. It’s OK not to have the answer, but unforgivable not to have a learning agenda

What success looks like in 2021 is a big question, for many brands there will be new challenges to face, that create new marketing complexities. In these situations where there is heightened complexity, with still a layer of uncertainty it’s OK not to have the full answer, but it’s not OK to not have a way to find the answer. Alongside the brilliant basics, an ever-changing landscape means there is scope to rip up the rule book, but in a structured and measurable way.